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Vets For Change is an international group of dedicated volunteers from all walks of life whose sole aim is the improvement of the relationships between dogs and their human neighbours through anti-rabies vaccination campaigns, humane dog population control and education.

The key to our success is the experience we have running projects around the world. This practical expertise, along with support from a number of internationally renowned NGOs gives us everything we need to help provide healthy and stable dog populations where ever we work. Not by removing dogs from the streets but to vaccinate and sterilize them and then put them back where they belong!

Education is one of the most important areas for us. Children are unfortunately the victims in the vast majority of rabies cases. They are the victims but also the answer to the problem, teaching them the true value of the animals in their community is the only way to ensure harmony between man and his faithful companion. With your help the next generation will know more about the risks of rabies whilst enjoying the many benefits of responsible dog ownership!

We believe in the ‘One Health’ approach to eliminate rabies. Meaning that all relevant organisations and professions should work together locally, nationally and globally towards a single goal. This ensures the best result for people, animals and the environment.

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Registered UK Charity Number 1161625